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Carb cleaner SLV

Carb cleaner SLV
  • Carb cleaner SLV

Available Sizes:

- Pail 13 Kg

Carbon and paint remover
Two layer solvent-based liquid, non-flammable.
The upper layer prevents the evaporation and helps rinsing and the lower layer cleans the pollutant.
Suitable for the removal of carbon residues, paint, rubber, oils, grease on engines and carburetor parts, pumps, injectors, etc.
Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
Not to be used on rubber and some plastics.

Applied by dipping from 15’-30’ for paint spray guns.
For metal parts soak from 30’ to a few hours depending on pollutant.
Rinse with cold or hot water, preferably under pressure.