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In 2015 Dynateco became agent of Cortec® Inc., pioneer in innovative products for Total Corrosion Control & Protection Solutions.
Cortec® products are an excellent quality assurance tool for everything from major manufacturers  to do-it-yourself home-built kits. Corrosion can be stopped at any step from manufacturing to final installation or maintenance.
Corrosion of complex equipment is an increasingly serious problem causing expensive failures and damages. Corrosion occurs during manufacturing, shipping, storage, and field operations.
It can be caused by:
  • Salt, moisture, contaminants, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia or acid rain
  • Galvanically-induced attack
  • Equipment operation in non-controlled atmospheres
With Cortec® Emitting Systems, sensitive equipment is protected against corrosion, thereby extending its life and reducing the cost of expensive repairs and maintenance.
The VpCI® products releases a vapor into the interior of the package, the vapor then deposits on the metal surfaces and forms a protective molecular layer. This layer of VpCI® provides multimetal protection and helps reduce corrosion in the enclosure.


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VpCI® (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor)/MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™) product lines.



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