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Houghton International Inc. World Leader in Metal Working Lubricants & Chemicals

Houghton International, established in 1865 has become The leader in the development and production of metalworking fluids for the automotive, steel and aluminum
industries, along with a variety of other customer and industry segments. It maintains manufacturing, distribution and research facilities in more than 50 countries and
since 2013 it is a member of Gulf Oil Group.
Products & Markets
Houghton offers a series of specialized metalworking fluids for all applications, starting from primary metal manufacturing through shaping and finishing. It provides all types of specialty products, that enable the production to reach its highest efficiency. Its products cover theneeds in production of automotive, aerospace, off-shore drilling, steel, copper & aluminum rolling, mining etc.

The product categories are:

• Fire resistant hydraulics

• Soluble Cutting fluids

• Neat Cutting Oils

• Metal Cleaning

• Metal Protection

• Lubrication

• Rolling

• Cold Forming

• Forging

• Heat Treatment


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