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Pursuant to Directive 93/43 of the European Commission, all  enterprises  active in the food chain, either as producers or as carriers or testators, it is necessary to introduce the above preventive control system, for the safety and hygiene of their customers .

Based on this system, the companies must draft, implement and monitor hygiene procedures for the preparation, storage, handling and distribution of food to their customers. 

In this way, any risk -often appearing  on similar installations-  is prevented (refrigerators, vehicles, pantries, kitchens, cooking utensils, staff etc.).

Dynateco SA, in collaboration with MILITEX BV and its local affiliates, offers to their customers a comprehensive Hygiene Plan, harmonized with the requirements of HACCP, ISO 22000 and the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET), free of charge, irrespective of whether  these companies should be certified or not.

This offered plan, has been conducted with care and contains everything that is required to know and apply a business, in foodservice industry. 'Namely, it contains the principles of HACCP, the provisions of Good Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices, the Hazards in Food, the Food Management, the  Control Points and a Cleaning & Disinfection Program with  the proposed products, directions of use and how to use these and Safety Data Sheets.

Similarly, Dynateco SA, provides its clients with the provisions of EFET, i.e  Training Manual and Guide Hygiene Poster with directions to staff,  as well as  other useful accessories, such as food preparation thermometers, insect repellent devices etc. 

 In case of certification of an enterprise in HACCP, Dynateco works  with the certification body to cover the sector concerned as a supplier.

Businesses delegating Dynateco AE to the supply of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection under contract sourcing, receive the following additional services:   
  1.    Rodent control, Insecticide, Disinfection & certificates (*)
  2.    Hygiene  Plan
  3.    Staff Training
  4.    Approvals and certification of products be competent authorities
  5.    Dispensers and mixers for economic application of the products
  6.    Recorders of refrigerator temperatures (*)
  7.    Measurement of microbial load (*) 
By extra charge to customer (*)