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Boat care products

Dynateco trades certified products for cleaning and maintenance of yachts and boats.
Products are ISO 9001 certified and meet the requirements of the Treaty REACH.
Also they registered in N.S.L or National Register of Chemical Products, depending on the product.
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  • Woody

    Detergent-wax for teak wood

  • Torphy

    Emulsifiable bilge and engine cleaner

  • Squidy

    Restoring & polishing of stainless and chromes

  • Splendimotor

    Durable protective coating for engine

  • Shelly

    Detergent for inflatable boats

  • Sharky

    Stain remover for PVC and rubber balloons

  • Oil Silic

    Dry Multipurpose lubricant Dehumidifier

  • Marly

    Refreshing up holster and sails

  • Macky

    Detergent for internal surfaces

  • Dolphy

    Detergent for external surfaces

  • Chromobello

    Restoring & polishing of stainless and chromes

  • Dynachem 2434

    Universal detergent for washable surfaces

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