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DYNATECO has developed extensive cooperation with famous European Houses, which develop and produce hygiene products for cleaning and disinfection of professional requirements.

Likewise it has the necessary experience to evaluate the appropriate products and applications.Combining the above, DYNATECO is the most suitable partner to offer you the advantages of developing quality products with private label.

Militex B.V., which we represent, is among the leading producers of detergents and hygiene products in Europe. It produces products for large companies - both of its own formulas as well as custom made and meets in full the requirements of the Treaty of REACH.

In particular, your commercial success is guaranteed by:

• The range of options offered by Militex B.V., for your products of choice

• Τhe excellent and stable quality, by respecting the environment and the safety of the user

• The price competitiveness

• The consistency in meeting delivery times and the adequacy of customer service and service after sales.

For detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of a beneficial cooperation, please contact our Marketing Department.