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Houghto Safe
Fire resistant hydraulic safety fluids
Houghto Safe is a world standard brand, approved by OEMs and users for hydraulic applications where fire and explosion hazards can present serious risks to operators.
The range contains all recognized types of fire resistant fluid, to meet HFC, HFA, HFAT & HFCE standards. They are mainly used in metal processing and die-casting. This core range is also supplemented by a wide selection of similar technology fluids that have been tailored for special requirements within food, defense and offshore applications.
Cosmolubric HF
Fire retardant synthetic hydraulic fluids
Cosmolubric HF fluids are ester based. They have higher lubricity and fire resistance than conventional oils and are biodegradable, making them suitable for injection moulding, die-casting and environmentally sensitive applications.
Houghto Drive HM & Houghto Drive HL
General lubrication & hydraulics
Houghto Drive HM oils meet the arduous requirements of high performance hydraulic systems as well as general machine tool spindles and gearboxes. Their multi-functionality allows product rationalization, which supports inventory management and reduces overall operating costs.
Houghto Drive HL are economical lubricating oils for light duty and total loss applications.
Sta Put CKC
Gear lubricants
Sta Put CKC lubricants withstand the demanding conditions that can occur in gearboxes and that would rupture a normal lubricating film.
They are lead and chlorine free.
Sta Put G & Hydro Slide HG
Slide way lubricants
Sta Put G oils are tailored for applications requiring absolute freedom from sticking or chattering at high loads and low speeds.
Hydro Slide HG dual purpose oils complete the range for those machine tools having common hydraulic and slide way reservoirs.
Houghto Drive HV & Houghto Drive HLPD
Specialized hydraulic applications lubricants
Houghto Drive HV multi-grade oils retain their characteristics over a wide temperature range in refrigeration or outdoor applications and are dyed red to distinguish them from mono-grade oils.
Houghto Drive HLPD emulsifying oils tolerate contamination by water based coolants or seawater without losing performance.
Multipurpose greases powered by Gulf Oil
The new range of Cosmolube greases powered with the ‘’know how’’ of Gulf Oil are available for general use, supported by a range of specialty products for special applications.