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Technologies and applications

Rust Veto 100 Series & Ensis RPO Series
Oil based products
High performance mineral oil based rust preventive range with increasing viscosity and corrosion protection. They are VOC free and therefore offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based products. Their relative high fluidity enables excellent rust protection whilst providing a thin film and a low drag out.
Rust Veto 200 Series & Ensis DW Series
Solvent based products
A range of high performance solvent based temporary rust preventives with increasing degrees of corrosion protection. Having a minimum open flash point of 60οC thanks to our special dearomatised solvent, the new range are safer to use and more environmentally friendly than conventional white spirit based products. Our series is the ideal balance between high volatility solvent, with a high fire risk, and VOC free solvent based products, where drying time is very long.
Rust Veto 300 Series & Ensis WB Series
Water based products
This environmentally friendly range of water based rust preventives offers a varying degree of corrosion protection from inter-operational to long term outdoor. They are all VOC free and eliminate the fire hazards associated with oil and solvent based alternatives providing health and safety as well as environmental benefits. In application they can be used at elevated temperatures up to 80οC to significantly reduce drying times.