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Technologies and applications

Houghto Quench C Series
Cold quenching oils from ambient temperature up to 80°C
The Houghto Quench C Series are a range of high performance cold quenching oils with increasing quenching speed eg. normal, medium, accelerated and highly accelerated designed to suit your specific heat treatment requirements. They have a maximum recommended operating temperature of up to 80oC and are used in applications where distortion is not a major problem and component staining is undesirable.
Vacu Quench Series
Quenching oils for vacuum systems
The Vacu Quench Series are suitable for use at temperatures up to 80oC and are specifically designed for use in vacuum furnaces for the treatment of steels of low, medium and high hardenability.
Mar Temp M Series
Warm quenching oils from 80oC up to 130oC
The Mar Temp M Series are high performance warm quenching oils, available with either normal or accelerated quenching speeds. They are specifically designed for use at temperatures up to 100οC in open tanks and up to 130οC in sealed quench furnaces. They provide satisfactory distortion control together with maximum economy and long life during use.
Mar Temp H & VH Series
Hot & very hot quenching oils from 130oC up to 180oC (Η) & >180oC (VΗ)
Hot quenching oils specifically designed for use at temperatures up to 180oC or more (Mar Temp VH) in applications where distortion must be minimised. They are available with normal and accelerated quenching speeds and find particular application in continuous and sealed quench furnaces for controlling distortion on critical high precision components such as bearing rings or automotive transmission parts in both hardened and carburized steels.
Aqua Quench 100, 200 Series
Polymer PAG quenchants
A complete range that covers induction hardening and massive quenching. Covers all types of metal with a large choice of cooling rates. Two products are specially formulated for aluminium with AMS 3025 approval.
Aqua Quench 300 Series
Polymer PVP Quenchants
Advanced polymer quenchants with oil-like quenching characteristics. Providing low cooling rates, they enable the treatment of wide range of metals that cannot be quenched with conventional PAG polymer quenchants.