HOMEMetal Working ProductsWater Soluble & Neats Oils for Cold Deformation, Forming & Die Casting Technologies and applications

Technologies and applications

Houghto Draw
Water soluble & neat oils for cold deformation
Houghto Draw range of products can meet all the needs for cold forming that can occur in modern production units. The specific additives of Houghton prevent the creation of oxides of the metal during processing there by offering excellent processed surface. They are suitable for all metals including steel, aluminum, copper, brass & INOX.
Cindolube & Fenella Oil VD
Vanishing lubricants
Cindolube & Fenella Oil VD series are volatile low viscosity lubricants, ideal for lightweight deformations and metal removals in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The products do not stain the sensitive metal and are formulated to leave little or no residue, so that the assembly operations such as welding can be conducted without purification and excessive generation of smoke & fume. The products are also completely odorless and user-friendly.
Houghto Draw TD & Houghto Draw WD
Cold heading & deep drawing lubricants for ferrous & non-ferrous materials
Houghto Draw TD products are highly enriched with special extreme pressure additives and are specially designed for the most demanding forming processes in ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
Houghto Draw WD range of products is specially designed for the manufacture of high quality copper & aluminum cables & wires even at very high speeds without cracking.
DieCasting with Fenella Fluid & Fenella Oil
Fenella Fluid & Fenella Oil products fortified by Dascocast technology coming from DaStuart are able to cover a wide range of applications for casting, molding & die-casting and are suitable for applications in steel, aluminum, brass, zamak, magnesium and glass.
Thermex GO & Fenella Oil F G
Oil based graphite dispersion heavy forging
Graphite in oil products are available in a range of viscosities and additive content for numerous applications, ranging from heavy duty deep extrusions in steel, to light stampings in steel, nonferrous and super-alloy materials.
Thermex WG & Fenella Fluid F G
Water based graphite dispersion forging
Dispersions of graphite in water are ideal for impact type applications in closed dies. Typical applications include press, hammer and drop forging of automotive parts, aerospace and medical applications. The range is also completely free from ammonia and can be used neat or diluted with water.
Thermex WW & Fenella Fluid F
Water based synthetic forging solutions
These water-based products are free from graphite for cleaner working conditions and cleaner components. Typical applications include closed die ferrous and non-ferrous extrusions, forgings, stampings on hammers, presses and drop forging applications.
Thermex GL
Water based glass dispersion forging
Lead-free glass dispersions in water that provide lubrication, insulation and prevent scale buildup during hot forging of sensitive materials. This includes titanium, nickel alloys and heat resistant steels. Used in aerospace, energy and medical sectors. Applications include protection of turbine blades, rings and discs prior to hot forging.