HOMEMetal Working ProductsNeat Cutting & Grinding Oils Technologies and applications

Technologies and applications

Cut Max HO & Cut Max GR
Special finishing oils (grinding & honing)
Cut Max HO series products are designed for honing components such as automotive engine blocks, crank and camshafts and bearing raceways. The Cut Max GR series are selected for grinding components such as twist drill flutes, all types of gears, automotive valves and with high speed CBN wheels. OEM approvals include Junkers, Heckler and Koch. Most products can be used with any type of filtration system or tooling.
Cut Max BR
Broaching oils
The Cut Max BR range of broaching oils includes products for horizontal and vertical machines and for speeds ranging from 8 to 24 meters per minute. Key applications include conrods, gears, steering racks and heat treated components.
OEM approvals include Forst.
Cut Max T
Gun drilling oils
Cut Max T series specialist gun drilling oils include TBT approved products for general applications and lower viscosity products for smaller diameter holes. Special zinc free oils are available plus oils for cast iron or where sulphur free chemistry is required.
Cut Max GM
Gear machining oils
Cut Max GM series gear machining oils are available in a range of viscosities to suit the type of machinery in use. Universal products can perform all main transmission plant applications including hobbing, shaving, gun drilling and broaching in a single versatile oil. The Cut Max GM range also includes grades specially formulated for differential gear machining.
Cut Max DC
General machining oils
Cut Max DC products are selected for general machining of materials ranging from mild to stainless steel. Sulphur free multi metal compatible options are available for users who machine a mixture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Typical applications for Cut Max DC grades include bar turning and multi-spindle automatic lathes.
Cut Max ML
Minimal lubrication fluids

The Cut Max ML range includes high quality mineral oil-free products designed for minimal lubrication systems with total loss micro-pulse applicators. Typical operations include sawing of aluminium sections. Products are available for aluminium, steel or mixed metal machining.

Cut Max SE
EDM Oils

The Cut Max SE range includes conventional mineral oil based products plus new high quality SE 100 synthetic technology. The new technology opens up a range of benefits to EDM users including reduced cycle times and better finish. Typical applications are wire erosion of turbine aero-foils or tool and die manufacture.
All grades are approved to Rolls Royce CSS142 specifications.

Cut Max V
Vegetable based oils

Advances in crop oil technology means that lubricant bases are derived from renewable sources to offer a wider range of viscosity. Cut Max V products are available ranging from 5cst to 68cst viscosity for applications including honing, gun drilling, valve grinding, gear cutting and general machining. All products are of
the highest quality and oxidatively stable to prevent formation of residues and lacquers.

Macron Oils-Garia Oils
They came to stay

After the acquisition of Shell’s Metal Working Oils division and factories by Houghton, Macron & Garia oils have been added toour already wide range of products. The Macron Series free from active sulfur and the Garia Series with active sulfur cover a very wide range of general and specific applications and are accompanied by numerous OEM approvals.