HOMEMetal Working ProductsWater Solube Cutting & Grinding Fluids Technologies and applications

Technologies and applications

Hocut 795 – Best of the best 
Long life technology
795 global coolant technology is a family of high lubricity soluble oils designed to meet the demands of modern high speed machining. 795 technology products are being used by the largest production companies worldwide in all sectors of manufacturing and offer low running costs regarding use, system treatment and tools life, compared with other technologies that exist in the market. 795 technology features ultra long sump life without the need for frequent biocide treatment and do not contain boron, to meet the latest European safety and health requirements.
Hocut Bio
Technology without boron and amines with respect to the user
Hocut Bio series oil-based emulsion coolants are formulated without boron, amine or formalin release biocides to give very safe, pleasant to use products which require no hazard labeling. The technology operates at low pH and offers the additional benefit of being completely non-staining to sensitive aluminum and yellow metals. Hocut Bio series products form rich milky emulsions which are odorless in use and offer an outstanding level of safety to the user.
Houghto Grind & Hocut 700 Technologies
Synthetic transparent cutting & grinding products
Houghto-Grind specialist grinding coolants are formulated with no mineral oils or surfactants and provide accelerated separation of fines and tramp oil with no clogging of grinding wheels. Products entrain very low levels of air for good component visibility. Typical applications include surface or centreless grinding of ferrous materials, glass, ceramics or carbides.
Hocut 700 series coolants are designed for arduous machining or high speed form grinding. The advanced synthetic formula keep machines clean and give low foam and excellent filter life in high pressure filtration systems. Heavy duty machining performance is given by polymer lubricity additives activated at the tool/workpiece
interface which is especially effective with hard materials such as steels, titanium and nickel alloys.
Sitala Series
High lubricity macro-emulsions
High lubricity, mineral oil-based milky emulsions for medium to heavy duty machining. Products are compatible with most materials over a wide range of water quality.
Adrana Series
Semi synthetic micro-emuslions
This range provides versatile mineral oil-based semi-synthetic, microfine emulsion for light to medium duty machining. Products are compatible with most materials over a wide range of water quality.
Metalina Series
Synthetic technology with polymer lubricity agents
Synthetic mineral oil-free solutions for grinding and machining with excellent corrosion protection, tramp oil rejection and machine cleanliness. Machining grades contain polymer lubricants for heavy duty applications.
Dromus Series
Old Time Classic
Conventional emulsions with high content of mineral oil for applications with convetional machines. Compatible with most metals.
Hocut Ester EP Series
Mineral oil free technology with esters from renewable energy sources. These products are designed to exploit the esters power to the utmost and provide the maximum life in cutting tools even in the most arduous treatments.